CARNIELLI BEST SELLER - Carnielli J11, DC, The best choice for your home.
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EGP 5,500.00
- Item details:
1- Digital counter to measure ( distance – speed – time – calories – heart beats )
2- Stereo headphones using by ( Bluetooth & AUX)
3- Screen: digital screen with touch buttons
4- Working time: (30 : 45 minutes)
*Note: the treadmill must rest 10 min after 45 minutes of using then you can restart it again.
- Extra features: 
These features help your body to lose weight
1- Message belt that breaks down the fats in different body areas.
2- Twist disc that breaks down side fats .
3- Abdominal bench that helps you tighten the abdominal muscle.
4 - Manual Incline three levels that’s make your training more difficult and increase your resistance level.
Weight Capacity
To 115 Kg
- Whole body (length 125 cm Width 50 cm) - Treadmill running size (length 110 cm Width 40 cm)
0.8 to 12 kilometers per hour
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